Web application Performance Testing using Jmeter

  • Go to bin folder of apache-jmeter
  • Launch jmeter by clicking jmeter.bat
  • In Jmeter, Go to File -> Templates
  • Select Recording from the Select Template drop down.
  • Click Create and enter application url in hostToRecord text box.
  • Click Create. It will create the performance test plan.
  • To start the recording, select “HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder”
  • After clicking the start button, Root CA certificate will be generated.
  • This certificate is valid only for 7 days. Start the browser and import the certificate.
  • Go to IE->Internet Options->Contet->Certificates-Import
  • Once the certificate imported successfully, change the IE LAN settings to localhost with the port mentioned in JMeter recorder global settings.
  • Once the above setting is done. Enter the application url in IE and start recording the performance scenario.
  • Once the recording completed, this is how the Jmeter will look.
  • Add summary report and aggregate report in the plan to get the performance results.
  • Right click on Test Plan -> Add -> Listener -> Summary Report/Aggregate Report
  • Performance Test Plan is ready to run.
  • Select Thread Group. Change the Thread number as per the requirement and click green button to start the performance testing.
  • Once the execution finished, summary and aggregate report will be generated.

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